WP Eventbrite Embedded Checkout

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Display and sell Eventbrite tickets directly on your WordPress site. Connect Eventbrite with WordPress easily using WP Eventbrite Embedded Checkout plugin.

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Eventbrite Embedded Checkout
WP Eventbrite Checkout - Allows people to buy tickets without leaving your website | Product Hunt

While Eventbrite’s Embedded Checkout feature is a great way to sell tickets directly from your website, the installation process can be challenging for some.

It requires working with Javascript codes and HTML, which can be time-consuming and require technical expertise.

That’s why we decided to develop this plugin, which eliminates the need to touch any code.

All you have to do is provide the Event ID and choose between Embed or Popup mode for the checkout form, and the plugin takes care of the rest. Once you have configured the plugin to your preferences, it generates a shortcode, which acts as a dynamic snippet of code.

“Connect your attendees to your brand and make registration even more seamless. With our new embedded checkout, people buy tickets without ever leaving your website. Sell tickets right from your website/s or blog with our website integrations.”
– Eventbrite –

This shortcode can be effortlessly added to any post or page within your WordPress site. By simply inserting the shortcode, you can conveniently display the checkout form and enable event registration in the desired location, maximizing the flexibility and customization options available to you.

With these versatile modes and the convenience of shortcodes, the plugin empowers you to tailor the ticketing experience on your WordPress site according to your specific requirements and the preferences of your attendees.

Live Demo

To provide a clearer understanding of the plugin’s functionality, here are a few demos showcasing the embedded mode and popup mode.

Embedded Mode

Embedded the Eventbrite checkout form on the page with your content

See Live Demo

Popup Mode

A button that opens the Eventbrite checkout modal over your content

See Live Demo

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Plugin Features ✨

  1. Embedded the Eventbrite checkout form on the page with your content.
  2. Add a button that opens the Eventbrite checkout modal over your content.
  3. Granny friendly user interface. No headache required.
  4. Shortcode generator.
  5. Ability to add unlimited events.
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